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The share issue is closed for this time


We are so glad that you want to be a part of EB! Everyone that have signed up for shares are allotted requested amount of shares.  Between July 30 and August 30 your allotted shares will be booked into your custody account and we will be sending out settlement notes. The date is approximate, depending on when we receive necessary information from Bolagsverket.
We are producing the premiums that you, depending on the size of the investment, will receive. We will send this out to you in the autumn. Some of you will also get to go on tonic tasting and factory visits – we will get back to you with more information about this during the autumn.


Happy to have you along and for being a part of our journey!







Organic tonic

Sustainability is something that Ekobryggeriet always has valued highly. That’s why all of our tonic is organic. It’s important for us to show the world a sustainable and organic way to produce high quality tonic. For us, organic is a given, and we want to inspire more companies to see the opportunities with this.

Our tonic is the most sold in FMCG in Sweden

When it’s up to the customer, they choose Ekobryggeriet Nordic Tonic. Our products are part of the assortment in all major FMCG chains in Sweden. Compared to our competitors, we have the most market shares in the fast-moving consumer goods in Sweden, in the premium tonic category. In three years, we have become the biggest in Sweden*. We are very proud of that. And over the last rolling full year, we’re number two in order.** Can we be the most sold in the world? It remains to be seen. 

Outgrowing the market

Last year we grew by 107% while the category in general grew by 49%. This means that we are growing more than twice as fast as the market.

* Source: Nielsen ScanTrack, TOTAL FMCG, week 1-12, 2020, shares in units sold in the Premium tonic segment, The Nordic Soda Company’s segmentation has been used.
** Source: Nielsen ScanTrack, TOTAL FMCG, rolling full year week 12, 2020, shares in units sold in the Premium tonic segment, The Nordic Soda Company’s segmentation has been used.
What’s included in the investment?

The minimum amount to invest is SEK 1500. Those who invest more receive extra benefits depending on how much they invest.

All who invest gets
Those who invest more gets

A package of tonic

Merch kit with soap, scented candle och bottle opener

Tonic tasting

A visit in the factory and lunch

Dinner with the founders and the CEO and a hotel stay








Investment memorandum
Terms of investment

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