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Ekobryggeriet offers organic tonic with a nordic twist. The tonic is found in six flavors: Bitter, Extra Bitter, Elderflower, Rhubarb, Spruce shoots and Clove. Ekobryggeriet has also developed a premium tonic together with the metal band Inflames. In addition to bottle tonic, Ekobryggeriet also offers Tonic Sorbet and Tonic Syrup. Ekobryggeriet is owned by The Nordic Soda Company AB.


The Nordic Soda Company

Nordic Soda Company AB is a Norrköping based company that produces organic drinks in form of Ekobryggeriet Nordic Tonic and soft drinks from Dirtwater Fox Brewery.


We have the capacity

To produce organic soda is hard. Therefore, at present, we are mostly alone in the category of Swedish-made organic sodas.

Currently, we have a production capacity of around 3,000,000 bottles annually which corresponds to approximately 0.8% of the Swedish soda consumption for one year.

A third to the world

In addition to running a successful business by making use of the experience, the contacts and the knowledge, we have as our goal – to find new ways to give back to the world. We live by the motto “A THIRD TO THE WORLD” which means that we give back a third of the company’s profits to the environment or people who need help.

For us, it is a matter of course that we as entrepreneurs must take greater responsibility for having a world left to earn money in. Of course, we want to earn money, but not at any price! We provide one-third of our profits to small and large organisations that support both social and environmental improvement projects. We see it as the future of entrepreneurship!